☆ Cool Girls Stick Together ☆

April 25, 2018

A little girl power can go a long way.


Stay kind, be kind. Kindness costs nothing and spreading positivity brings positivity into our own lives.


When we support each other, amazing things can happen!


We f*cking love that sh!t, girls! 


Did you know that, WE ARE IN THIS TOGETHER?

Us girls are in it together and we can help/learn from each other. Periods are a HUGE part of this. If you see someone in the street has leaked don’t laugh at them, help them. Mocking this only reiterates the idea that periods are shameful. We shouldn’t make someone feel uncomfortable if they want advice or help with their period. Talking about periods helps us learn more about them. It can be beneficial to our health and self-esteem. Also, if someone doesn’t have a tampon or pad in their time of need, lend them one. Supporting each other like this goes a long way!


By working together, we can implement change because we all matter and deserve to be seen as equal. Support your friends, compliment them (or a stranger) and offer help if/when needed. What are your thoughts on girls supporting girls? How do you support your fellow females?





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