December 04, 2017

If you follow Lucky Blue Smith on Instagram, as over 2.6 million people do, it's easy to feel like you know him really well.  That's the beauty of social media, and of a photo-based platform like Instagram. But there's now an even better way to get to know Lucky: his book.  Stay Golden is equal parts memoir and scrapbook. The throwback photos from Lucky's childhood are juxtaposed with his work for brands like Gap and Tom Ford, and are accompanied by Lucky's personal reflections on key moments of his life. 
Known for his signature platinum blond bleached hair, he was scouted at the age of 10 and signed to an international modelling agency by the age of 12. The mega-successful modeling career that includes magazine covers and major fashion campaigns. One of those lessons, Lucky says, is simply "being confident in yourself. At 16, I was in rooms full of adults, going to events by myself. I had to learn how to talk to people 20 years older than me, and try to be on the same level of conversation with them." 
He says that putting himself out there in that way "helped me with a bunch of self-confidence, and feeling good about myself, and having a goal and following that."
Lucky's born in the United States on June 4, 1998 and has 3 siblings which are Daisy Clementine Smith, Starlie Cheyenne Smith and Pyper America Smith.
And here is a video of him if you want to know more what is it like to be Lucky Blue Smith. Which is our fav! <3

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