V-Day Special: To Look Cute In Your Graphic Tees

February 06, 2018

Can you believe it's almost Valentine's Day again?! We both know that you want to look your best on THE day and there's no denying that V-Day is the perfect excuse to put on a cute outfit on your date night. 

Here's some tips for you if you don't want to put on something too extreme yet you still want to look cute & chic. There's nothing wrong on putting on your graphic tees on the night! 

Graphic tees are making a bit of a comeback. We have the perfect graphic tees on web now. Make sure you’re styling the tee with more than just jeans and a pair of sneakers. I mean, it's so basic, right? Do that if you want, it works, but try to have some more fun with them. It’s a casual piece that is so versatile and can be a lot more fun than it seems. Here are a few style tips  in a way that is definitely not boring.

Ride or die, baby.

First thing first, give a little bit of edge into your look... It's time for your black biker jacket to shine!

SHOP: The Romance Tee



Last time I checked.

Don't spoil your day by looking basic - throw on the infamous checked blazer over your tee and be flirty, finish the look in mini skirt. 

SHOP: Ur Lovergirl Tee x Santa Cruz Biker Skirt 

You're a heartbreaker.

It's official - we know you love this look. Looking casual in an impossibly chic way. So easy, so fun, and so very '90s (in the best way). Shop this look below to try it out.

SHOP:  BBYGRL Tee x Mon Cherie Slip Dress


How cute right?! SHOP TEES NOW

If t-shirts aren't your thang, feel free to explore more V-Day edit on our web now! 

Have a lovely Valentine's Day! x

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